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The relationship between depressive symptoms, diabetes symptoms, and self-management among an urban, low-income Latino population

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posted on 2023-07-02, 08:50 authored by Annie L. Nguyen, Janelle Green, Susan Enguidanos


Methods: 203 Latino patients with diagnosed diabetes completed a survey assessing depressive symptoms

(PHQ-9), diabetes symptom severity, and diabetes self-management activities (SDSCA). Characteristics and

diabetes outcomes between patients with and without probable major depression were compared.

Associations between PHQ-9 scores and diabetes outcomes were assessed. Multivariate regression models

evaluated the relationship between depressive symptoms and diabetes outcomes and exercise after

controlling for patient characteristics.

Results: 31.5% of participants indicated probable major depression (PHQ-9 ≥ 10). More severe diabetes

symptoms and less reported exercise were associated with higher PHQ-9 scores. Regression models showed

no relationship between self-management and depression. More severe diabetes symptoms were

significantly associated with being female, married, and having probable major depression. Odds of

exercising were reduced by 6% for every one-unit increase in PHQ-9 score.

Conclusions: The prevalence of probable depressive symptoms is high in this population. Having depressive

symptoms is an indicator of poorer diabetes symptoms. Screening for depressive symptoms may help identify

individuals who need additional support with diabetes symptom and self-management.


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