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Editorial: Biomarkers: precision nutrition in chronic diseases

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posted on 2023-08-10, 15:32 authored by Zhenjun Zhu, Yu-Long Li, Shuang Song

Despite these advancements, our current understanding of how precision nutrition regulates biomarkers to prevent chronic diseases with individual variations is still in its

infancy. The molecular mechanisms that underlie the involvement of key biomarkers in chronic diseases remain inadequately elucidated, necessitating comprehensive and extensive research efforts to bridge this knowledge gap. Therefore, the objective of this Research Topic is to gather the latest research that uncovers the role of key biomarkers in chronic diseases and explores how precision nutrition can modulate this process in diverse populations. By investigating the interaction between precision nutrition, biomarker discovery, and chronic

diseases, we can gain valuable insights into the implementation of precision nutrition approaches for the effective prevention and management of chronic diseases.


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American heart association 15GRANT24970002 and 23TPA1064315