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posted on 2023-01-10, 20:17 authored by Matthew Cottam, Heather L. Caslin, Nathan C Winn, Alyssa HastyAlyssa Hasty

Within adipose tissue (AT), immune cells and parenchymal cells closely interact creating a

complex microenvironment. In obesity, immune cell derived inflammation contributes to

insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. Diet-induced weight loss improves glucose tolerance;

however, weight regain further exacerbates the impairment in glucose homeostasis

observed with obesity. To interrogate the immunometabolic adaptations that occur in AT

during murine weight loss and weight regain, we utilized cellular indexing of transcriptomes

and epitopes by sequencing (CITEseq) in male mice. Obesity-induced imprinting of AT

immune cells persisted through weight-loss and progressively worsened with weight regain,

ultimately leading to impaired recovery of type 2 regulatory cells, activation of antigen presenting

cells, T cell exhaustion, and enhanced lipid handling in macrophages in weight cycled

mice. This work provides critical groundwork for understanding the immunological causes of

weight cycling-accelerated metabolic disease. For further discovery, we provide an openaccess

web portal of diet-induced AT immune cell imprinting:



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