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posted on 2019-03-03, 02:53 authored by Chung-Hao Lee, Will Zhang, Kristen Feaver, Robert C. Gorman, Joseph H. Gorman, Michael Sacks
There continues to be a critical need for developing data-informed computational modeling techniques that enable systematic evaluations of mitral valve (MV) function. This is important for a better understanding of MV organ-level biomechanical performance, in vivo functional tissue stresses, and the biosynthetic responses of MV interstitial cells (MVICs) in the normal, pathophysiological, and surgically repaired states. In the present study, we utilized extant ovine MV population-averaged 3D fiducial marker data to quantify the MV anterior leaflet (MVAL) deformations in various kinematic states. This approach allowed us to make the critical connection between the in vivo functional and the in vitro experimental configurations. Moreover, we incorporated the in vivo MVAL deformations and pre-strains into an enhanced inverse finite element modeling framework (Path 1) to estimate the resulting in vivo tissue prestresses …


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