Pre-mRNA mis-splicing of sarcomeric genes in heart failure

2018-04-09T14:26:57Z (GMT) by Chaoqun Zhu ZHilong Chen Wei Guo
<p>Pre-mRNA splicing is an important biological process that allows production of multiple proteins from a single</p> <p>gene in the genome, and mainly contributes to protein diversity in eukaryotic organisms. Alternative splicing</p> <p>is commonly governed by RNA binding proteins to meet the ever-changing demands of the cell. However, the</p> <p>mis-splicing may lead to human diseases. In the heart of human, mis-regulation of alternative splicing has</p> <p>been associated with heart failure. In this short review, we focus on alternative splicing of sarcomeric genes</p> <p>and review mis-splicing related heart failure with relatively well studied Sarcomeric genes and splicing mechanisms</p> <p>with identified regulatory factors. The perspective of alternative splicing based therapeutic strategies in</p> <p>heart failure has also been discussed.</p>